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Online Communities Part Four: Leveraging the Community

By DJ Waldow,

This report is part of the Online Communities bundle.


About this report

Marketers are struggling to make money for their organizations in a time of change. The era of predictable results from push marketing campaigns is coming to an end, replaced by a softer science of content-driven, inbound marketing. Community creation is one of the central activities in social marketing, and the previous reports in this series have explored starting, engaging, and growing social communities.

This final report explores the return on community building. Key areas include:

  • Getting feedback on products and promotions
  • How to use your community for support with both internal and community-based resources
  • Selling to and through the community

Table of contents

  1. Introduction: Leveraging Your Community
  2. Feedback
    1. King Arthur Flour Uses Facebook For Feedback
    2. Facebook Polls
    3. Using Twitter For Feedback
  3. Support
    1. gDiapers and Facebook
    2. Reside Living Provides Support Through Social Channels
  4. 4. Selling
    1. Selling By Not Selling
    2. Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm: A Short Explanation
    3. Uses Facebook to “Pre-Sell”
    4. Sells 5x More Cabins As A Result of Facebook Campaign
  5. 5. Summary
  6. About Econsultancy
    1. About our Online Communities Series


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