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Online Lead Generation Report 2010 (B2C)

By Econsultancy,

The Online Lead Generation Report (B2C), produced in association with lead generation specialist Clash-Media, is a detailed overview of how companies are using the internet to generate leads for their consumer-focused businesses.

It is supported by the IAB UK and the Performance Marketing Association (PMA) in the US. 

The report contains insight into budgets for online lead generation, perceived benefits, and the use of online and offline channels to generate consumer leads ... plus much more.

The 80-page document is based on a survey of more than 500 advertisers, agencies and publishers, and follows similar studies carried out in 2007, 2008 and 2009, also sponsored by Clash-Media.

The report findings are divided into the following sections:

  • Benefits of online lead generation
  • Growth and importance of online lead generation
  • Lead generation sales, revenue and budgets
  • Effectiveness and measurement
  • Online lead generation in international markets

Report highlights include:

  • Online lead generation is playing an increasingly important role for businesses and, on average, is now responsible for 42% of total sales.
  • Advertisers are most likely to convert online leads through email and online transactions (85%).
  • Email marketing (in-house lists) accounts for 18% of online lead generation budget.
  • Just under three-quarters (73%) said that premium lead generation delivers either high or medium ROI.
Table of contents 

1. Executive Summary and Highlights 

2. Introduction by Clash-Media Inc. (research sponsor) 

3. About Econsultancy 

4. About Clash-Media Inc. 

5. Methodology and Sample 

            5.1. Methodology 

           5.2. Respondent profiles 

                      5.2.1. Annual company turnover 

                      5.2.2. Geography 

                      5.2.3. Business sector (advertisers) 

                      5.2.4. Number of unique visitors (publishers) 

6. Findings 

           6.1. Benefits of online lead generation 

           6.2. Importance of online lead generation 

           6.3. Use of online lead generation and related services 

                      6.3.1. Use of lead generation specialists 

                      6.3.2. Services provided by lead generation specialists 

                      6.3.3. Publisher use of technology 

           6.4. How leads are generated 

                      6.4.1. Offline methods to generate consumer leads 

                      6.4.2. Online methods to generate consumer leads 

                      6.4.3. The use of social media to generate leads 

                      6.4.4. Methods for cultivating leads through social media 

           6.5. Sales, revenue and budgets 

                      6.5.1. Company sales from online lead generation 

                      6.5.2. Online lead generation spend 

                      6.5.3. Split of budgets for online lead generation 

                      6.5.4. Change in overall marketing spend 

                      6.5.5. Changes to online marketing approach and strategy 

                      6.5.6. Split of lead generation budget 

                      6.5.7. Change in online lead generation budget 

                      6.5.8. Publisher revenues from online lead generation 

           6.6. Effectiveness and measurement 

                      6.6.1. Effectiveness of online lead generation methods 

                      6.6.2. Effectiveness of digital channels 

                      6.6.3. Lead generation reporting 

                      6.6.4. Evaluating the cleanliness of data 

                      6.6.5. Publisher lead quality 

                      6.6.6. Offline conversion of online leads 

                      6.6.7. How online leads are converted 

                      6.6.8. Measuring the effectiveness of online lead generation 

                      6.6.9. Nurturing leads 

           6.7. Online lead generation in international markets 

                      6.7.1. Selling in other markets outside of home country 

                      6.7.2. Online lead generation campaigns in international markets

                      6.7.3. Factors preventing use of OLG to drive international sales

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A free sample is also available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


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