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Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2008

By Econsultancy,

There is a newer version of this report available: 2017 Measurement and Analytics Report

The Online Measurement and Strategy Report 2008, produced in association with analytics consultancy Lynchpin, contains fascinating and previously unavailable information about the web analytics marketplace. The 44-page report is based on an online survey of more than 700 respondents carried out in March and April 2008. Those taking part in the survey included company (client-side), agency and vendor respondents. The report findings are divided into the following sections: -) Role of Web Analytics and Use of Tools
-) Resourcing and Budget
-) Data Collection
-) Online Measurement Strategy
-) Barriers to Success. Highlights include: -) Just over two thirds of companies (68%) have access to one or two analytics tools. Only 15% of organisations have used just one web analytics tool in the past five years. A fifth of companies have used at least four tools over that period.
-) Two thirds of those organisations surveyed (66%) are using the free Google Analytics tool, which makes it far and away the most widely used web analytics technology.
-) Spend on technology accounts for 45% of company spending on web analytics compared to 18% for consulting and services, and 36% on internal staff.
-) The vast majority of both company and agency respondents believe that a common currency is needed for web metrics. Exactly three-quarters (75%) of company respondents and 69% of agency respondents think that this is necessary.
-) Less than a fifth of responding organisations (18%) have an internal strategy that ties data collection and analysis to business objectives. However, encouragingly, more than half (56%) say they are “working on this”, and only 22% say this is an outright “no”.
Download a copy of the report (below) to learn more. A free sample is available for those who want more details about what is in the report.


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