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Online Video Best Practice Guide

By Steffan Aquarone,

The Online Video Best Practice Guide is aimed at a wide range of marketers and content owners, who are using video as a strategic tool for marketing and sales.

This latest version covers all you need to know about what's happening in online video, including best practice tips, platforms and techniques. The report offers practical examples, case studies and interviews to help you with online video and tactics.

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About this report

Econsultancy's Online Video Best Practice Guide enables marketing managers, content owners and digital marketers at all levels to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the world of online video content. 

This guide has been updated to reflect the significant changes in the online video market since the last edition of this report, published in 2014.

The strategic sections are laid out significantly differently, reflecting the extent to which online video has matured into a staple component of organisational communications, and there is a whole new section on distribution tactics, organised around the type of content your organisation is trying to produce.

This latest version of the guide contains notably more information about the technology of online video creation and distribution than ever before, as well as contributions from new rising star content producers from the UK and beyond.

It’s also full of contributions from some of the top professionals in online video to help you anticipate what will be relevant to your organisation in the future.

About the author

This report was written by leading online video strategy expert Steffan Aquarone. Steffan is a UK entreprenuer in the film and technology sectors, has founded multiple startups and leads Econsultancy's best practice guides programme as well as delivering training to clients around the world.


This guide has been put together and updated with the assistance of leading video professionals. They have kindly contributed their time and effort in producing this guide.

Contributors to the report include:

  • Evelyn Ngugi, Evelyn From The Internets
  • Gary Blake, Highway Productions
  • Jeremy Stinton, Buto
  • Luke Courtenay Smith, ImmersiveVR
  • Philippe Brodeur, Overcast
  • Louise Tullin, VP Marketing and Communications, EMEA & APAC, Unruly
  • Dror Ginzberg, Wochit

Contributing Authors


Steffan Aquarone

More reports from Steffan Aquarone

Steffan Aquarone is a UK entrepreneur in the film and technology sectors. At just 20 years of age Steff was a founding director of a Top 50 UK corporate film production company, working with accounts including Vodafone, Land Rover and American Express and executive producing more than 100 video projects.

He later joined video technology startup Buto, working with global clients including Freshfields, Amec, Tesco, Interflora and the London Olympic Games to host and deliver video content to audiences via the web.

Mobile payment app Droplet, which Steff cofounded in 2011, raised over £1.6m of venture capital in an attempt to do to payments what Skype did to phone calls.

Since then Steff has worked as a consultant for global brands like RBS, Waitrose and News Corp, specialising in film and media.

Steff is also an independent filmmaker whose most recent project was the feature-film ‘Tortoise in Love’, which was made in the village of Kingston Bagpuize in Oxfordshire. The film premiered in London’s Leicester Square where the red carpet was flanked by tractors and watched live by five million people.

Since taking over a busy pub in Norfolk aged 18, Steff has founded five startups. He leads Econsultancy's Best Practice Guides programme and delivers training to clients around the world.


Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • About the author
  • About Econsultancy
  • How this guide is structured

2. The Story so Far

3. The Business Case

4. Strategic Pillar I - Audiences

5. Strategic Pillar II - Content

6. Technical briefing

7. Strategic Pillar III - Distribution

8. Strategic Pillar IV - Measurement and Conversion

9. Legislation

10. The Future of Online Video

11. Glossary

12. Contributors


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