The Online Video Best Practice Guide is aimed at a wide range of marketers and content owners at all levels, who are using video as a strategic tool for marketing and sales.

The 61-page guide covers all you need to know about what’s happening in online video, including best practice tips, platforms and techniques. The report is full of real, practical examples, case studies and interviews to help you with online video strategy and tactics.  

About this report 

Econsultancy’s Online Video Best Practice Guide enables marketing managers, content owners and digital marketers at all levels to understand the opportunities and challenges presented by the world of online video content.

The guide has been re-written and expanded to reflect the significant changes in the online video market since the last edition of this report in 2012. It covers four pillars of successful online video strategy in detail with advice, tools and technology tips from across the industry. These pillars are understanding audiences, creating content, managing distribution and measuring and attribution success.

The 61-page guide also covers three strategic strands that address the business case for online video in more detail, showcasing best practice and highlighting opportunities for organisations. These strategies are online video for off-site engagement, online video for on-site optimisation and online video for business improvement, occupying Sections 6-8 respectively.

About the author

This report is written by leading online video strategy expert, Steffan Aquarone. As well as a public speaker at various conferences and events, Steff is also Strategy Director at Buto, a web-based online video platform. 

As an entrepreneur, Steff works on technology start-ups as well as with big brands ranging from RBS to UCAS, helping them to develop elements of their online video and digital strategies. He leads Econsultancy’s Online Video Strategies training course and writes regularly on the future of video on the web.

Contributing authors

Contributors to the report include: 

  • Courtney Freedman-Thompson, Digital Editor, Waitrose
  • Chris Gorell Barnes, Founder and CEO of Adjust Your Set
  • Lee Kemp, Managing Director at Vermillion Films
  • Stuart Maister, Managing Director, BroadView Communications
  • Jeremy Stinton, Strategy Director, Buto
  • Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, Co-founder and CTO at 23
  • Nick Timon, Chief Strategy Officer, Adjust Your Set
  • Sarah Wood, COO at Unruly Media

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. About Econsultancy
    1. About the author
    2. Foreword
    3. How this guide is structured
  3. The Story So Far
    1. The “Dark Ages”
    2. Mass adoption and the rise of the viral star
    3. New business models
    4. New players
    5. What has changed?
  4. The Business Case
    1. Content-led marketing
    2. Setting expectations
    3. Putting together the right team
    4. Integration into digital marketing strategy
    5. Key ingredients for success
    6. Common pitfalls
  5. Online Video Strategy
    1. Four strategic pillars
      1. Understanding audiences
      2. Creating content
      3. Managing distribution
      4. Measuring and attributing success
    2. What are you actually trying to achieve?
      1. Online video strategy setting tool
    3. Budget
    4. External commissioning
      1. Top tips for picking the perfect partner:
    5. Technology
      1. HTML5 and video formats
      2. Mobile
      3. Video security
      4. RTMP
      5. DRM
      6. IP / domain restriction
  6. Strategy 1: online video for off-site engagement
    1. Distribution channels
      1. Seeding
      2. YouTube
      3. Video advertising
      4. Vine, Instagram Video and Twitter Cards
    2. Video SEO
    3. Measurement
  7. Strategy 2: online video for on-site optimisation
    1. Hosting and content management
      1. Content management
      2. Publishing, hosting and playback
      3. Choosing a video platform
    2. Retention marketing
    3. Interactive technology
      1. In-player adverts
      2. Clickable video
    4. Measurement and continuous improvement
      1. Gathering data
      2. A/B and multivariate testing (MVT)
      3. Improving performance
      4. Informing other marketing channels
  8. Strategy 3: online video for business improvement
    1. Key principles
    2. Training
    3. Internal communications
    4. Measurement
  9. Legislation
    1. Accessibility controls
    2. Other benefits of compliance
  10. The Future of Online Video
  11. Glossary
  12. Appendices
    1. Industry Experts’ Biographies
      1. Courtney Freedman-Thompson, Digital Editor, Waitrose
      2. Chris Gorell Barnes, Founder and CEO, Adjust Your Set
      3. Lee Kemp, Managing Director at Vermillion Films
      4. Stuart Maister, MD, BroadView
      5. Jeremy Stinton, Strategy Director, Buto
      6. Steffen Tiedemann Christensen, Co-Founder, 23
      7. Nick Timon, Chief Strategy Officer, Adjust Your Set
      8. Sarah Wood, COO, Unruly Media
    2. Further and continued reading
      1. Other Sites
      2. Viral Video Chart

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