The Online Video in South-East Asia Best Practice Guide is specifically aimed at brand or marketing managers, content owners and digital marketers in the South-East Asia region who are using video as a strategic tool. It aims to cover all the key aspects of online video and equip you with the tools and techniques that will work for your project and help you achieve clear, measurable business objectives.

It’s also full of contributions from some of the top local as well as global experts in online video to help you anticipate what will be relevant to your organisation in the future. Contributors include creative professionals, technologists, strategy experts and business owners from Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UK and beyond.  

About this report 

The 57-page guide covers two key strategic strands that address the business case for online video in more detail, showcasing best practice and highlighting opportunities for organisations. These strategies are online video for off-site engagement and online video for on-site optimisation.

This guide has been assembled so you can dip in and out for information about key themes as you go, or start from the place you think your current thinking has already reached. The ‘basics’ are laid out towards the front of the report with sections like Online Video Essentials before later sections where even the most advanced online video strategist should be able to find some useful insights.

There are quotes and tips from personal interviews with industry leaders from South-East Asia throughout the report and these experts have also contributed towards a selection of case studies from regional brands and organisations who are currently doing online video best.

About the authors

Steffan Aquarone, leading online video strategy expert and author of the Online Video Best Practice Guide, and Alvin Chng, a media executive, have worked together to produce this report – Alvin providing the research into local data, case studies and local market specialists, and Steffan providing insights from his perspective having followed online video marketing closely in the West.

As well as a public speaker at various conferences and events, Steffan is also Strategy Director at Buto, a web-based online video platform. As an entrepreneur, Steffan works on technology start-ups as well as with big brands ranging from RBS to UCAS, helping them to develop elements of their online video and digital strategies. He leads Econsultancy’s Online Video Strategies training course and writes regularly on the future of video on the web.

Alvin is a seasoned media executive with over 20 years of experience in the media, ICT and publishing sectors in Asia Pacific. An advocate and early evangelist of media convergence, he has hands-on experience in print, internet, mobile, broadcast and social media. He is often regarded as one of the few in the industry that has an in-depth understanding of the different spectrums of media, technology and effective commercialisation of media in APAC.

Contributing authors

Contributors to the report include: 

  • Thomas Mouritzen, MD of Enterprise Marketing & Commerce, APAC, OgilvyOne Worldwide
  • Dennis Rose, SVP Asia Pacific and Japan,Brightcove
  • Jeffrey Seah, CEO, South East Asia / Chair, Asia Digital Leadership Team, Starcom MediaVest Group
  • Colin J Smith, Director, Funhouse Digital
  • Jeremy Stinton, Strategy Director, Buto
  • Sarah Wood, COO, Unruly Media

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. How this guide is structured
    2. About Econsultancy
    3. About the authors
  2. Introduction: The Business Case
    1. South-East Asia video landscape
    2. Getting it right
  3. Online Video Essentials
    1. Setting up the project team
    2. What are you actually trying to achieve?
    3. Online video strategy setting tool
    4. Audience and culture sensibility
    5. Paid, owned and earned
    6. Social media
    7. Return on investment
    8. Budget
    9. External commissioning
      1. Top tips for picking the perfect partner
  4. Technology
    1. HTML5 and video formats
    2. Mobile
    3. Video security
    4. New technologies
  5. Why It Works: Defining KPIs
    1. Brand exposure
    2. Delivering information more effectively
    3. Increasing conversion
    4. Dwell time, basket size and repeat visit rate
  6. The Importance of Content
    1. Understanding your audience
    2. Getting the right content
      1. Online video brief writing
  7. Strategy 1: Online Video for Off-Site Engagement
    1. Content seeding
    2. YouTube
    3. Video advertising
    4. Vine, Instagram Video and Twitter Cards
    5. Video SEO
    6. Measurement
      1. Revisit your strategy
      2. Knowing what you can measure
      3. Interpreting video analytics
    7. Mobile messenger
  8. Strategy 2: Online Video for On-Site Optimisation
    1. Hosting and content management
      1. Content management
      2. Publishing, hosting and playback
      3. Choosing a video platform
    2. On-site search
    3. Interactive technology
      1. In-player adverts
      2. Clickable video
    4. Video in the user journey
    5. Measurement and continuous improvement
      1. Gathering data
      2. A/B and multivariate testing (MVT)
      3. Improving performance
      4. Informing other marketing channels
    6. Loyalty program strategy
  9. Funding Models
    1. Supplier-funded
    2. In-house production vs. external
    3. Pay per view
  10. Legislation
    1. Accessibility controls
    2. Censorship and regulatory requirements
    3. Video service licensing requirements
    4. Other benefits of compliance
  11. The Future of Online Video
  12. Glossary
  13. Appendices
    1. Industry experts’ biographies
    2. Further and continued reading

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