Digitisation is rapidly changing B2B businesses and it is crucial that companies address all these changes.

This report will consider the challenges B2B companies face as they transform and increase their focus on digital. It will look at the role digital is playing in how companies reach and engage with their customers to drive a better experience and deliver against business objectives. The report will also seek to provide guidance and advice on where B2B companies should be focusing their efforts.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following interviewees who contributed to this report:

  • Rina Amin, Global Head of Digital Strategy, Janus Henderson Investors
  • Shannon Aronson, SVP Strategic Consulting, Epsilon
  • Brian Ballard, Partner, Avatria
  • Dale Barnett, Blog Manager, Influencer Intelligence, Fashion & Beauty Monitor
  • Alexandra Berger, Senior Vice President Marketing & Communications, RS Components
  • Ashish Deshpande, CEO & Founder, Frevvo Inc
  • Francesco Federico, EMEA Digital Marketing Director, JLL
  • Marc Keating, Chief Innovation Officer, Stein IAS
  • Nick Lee, Marketing Manager, Paragon Customer Communications
  • Marc Michaels, Strategy and Creative Director, Paragon Customer Communications
  • Gemma Roalf, Marketing Director, ReallyB2B
  • Bian Salins, EMEA Lead, Content Marketing Consulting, LinkedIn
  • Julien Scott, Head of Digital Marketing (EMEA), Cushman & Wakefield
  • Farrukh Shad, Senior Vice President, Retail Strategy & Global Ecommerce, Schneider Electric
  • Joel Spence, Chief Growth Officer, twentysix