Quick Guide to Product Strategy and Marketing

This quick guide looks at the increased role of product strategy and marketing caused by growth in direct-to-consumer propositions and products-as-a-service. It provides marketers with a practical guide to the essential principles, processes and practices surrounding these increasingly critical areas.

Webinar: Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

With the shift to online models and commerce being accelerated by the pandemic, the rise in DTC models has continued unabated. This webinar distills the key learnings from Econsultancy’s brand new Direct-to-Consumer Best Practice Guide and covers key models and enablers, the challenges and opportunities involved with launching DTC propositions, and how to successfully drive growth in this rapidly developing area.

SEO Best Practice: Algorithm Updates

This report outlines the key updates to Google’s algorithm that website owners should know about in order to optimise their webpages. It includes the most recent broad core updates as well general algorithmic shifts that aim to deliver a better experience for the user.

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Best Practice Guide

This report examines the opportunities in DTC for a broad cross-section of businesses, from digital startups to legacy brands. It provides frameworks, models, metrics and case studies that can be used to build an effective DTC strategy.