Paid search is an area of constant change, with search engines rolling out updates several times a year, alongside evolving consumer behaviour and seismic economic and technological shifts. With the incredible pace of change in the space, it is imperative that businesses stay informed about updates in paid search.

This report acts as an essential guide for paid search beginners, and as a useful tool for practitioners looking to refresh their knowledge. It introduces the role of paid search within the digital marketing mix, outlining how to write a successful paid search ad along with the basics of keyword strategy and campaign management. It covers:

  • The market context: Why does paid search play such a vital role in broader marketing strategies, and what is fuelling the growth in paid search as a channel?
  • Ad anatomy: What are the fundamental components of a Google Ad, and how does Google rank its quality?
  • Recent developments: With search engines releasing updates at a rapid pace, from visual search enhancements to new campaign types, what are the latest developments marketers need to know about?
  • Challenges and opportunities: From increasing complexity in the customer journey to the growth in competition online, what are the key challenges facing paid search practitioners today, and how can these be turned into opportunities?
  • Success factors: Measurement, testing and optimisation are key to success, what are the main controls marketers need to focus on at both a campaign and keyword level?

This report is part of Econsultancy’s Paid Search Best Practice Bundle and has been created with the help and insight of expert paid search practitioners to help marketers succeed in their paid search strategy.