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Paid Search Briefing - March 2007

By Econsultancy,

This is a free 12-page briefing based on an Econsultancy roundtable about Paid Search held in March 2007 (registration required). The document contains the following: -) An overview of the UK market (including market valuation and trends)
-) A write-up of the key points emerging from the discussion
-) New statistics
-) Useful resources Topics discussed included: -) Yahoo!'s launch of Panama platform
-) Landing page optimisation
-) Bid management technology
-) Quality of traffic on content networks
-) Budget allocation and resourcing Attendees included representatives from the following companies: Argos, BAA, DoubleClick, eConversions, I-Spy, John Lewis, Net-A-Porter, Signet and Steak Media.


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