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Paid Search Marketing (PPC) - Best Practice Guide 2008

By Dr Dave Chaffey, Chris Lake and Ashley Friedlein,

Our Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Best Practice Guide will help beginners and experts implement and execute PPC strategies to maximise return on investment. This is a thorough update to our original 2006 guide and includes information on recent developments including:

  • the quality score,
  • navigational searches and brand bidding,
  • ad placement and targeting within the paid search content networks,
  • opportunities with rich media,
  • localisation and geo-targeting,
  • mobile search,
  • demographic targeting,
  • click fraud,
  • and new tools for paid search marketers.

The guide remains highly comprehensive (at 310 pages) and covers all aspects of paid search. It is a superb resource for internet marketing teams, agencies, paid search consultants and strategists. The original guide has been downloaded many thousands of times, and has helped marketers improve the performance of their search campaigns.
Key Sections: Part 1. Planning For Paid Search Marketing
Part 2. Targeting With Paid Search Marketing
Part 3. Budget And Bid Management For Paid Search
Part 4. Creative, Testing And Optimisation For Paid Search Marketing
Part 5. Communications Integration For Paid Search
Part 6. Appendices For Paid Search Marketing Best Practice Guide

Key features of our guides: Comprehensive – covers all aspects needed for success in one place but also referencing other in-depth sources in different portals, forums, blogs, whitepapers and books. Accessible – content will be chunked to help readers navigate to and assimilate relevant content. In-depth – Cover topics in sufficient depth to successfully implement suggestions. Practical – explain how to implement techniques and describe success factors that can be applied straightaway. Improvement focused – will explain how to revise existing approaches through evaluation of current approach, refining strategy and then implementing an improved approach. Leading edge – incorporating the latest best-practice advice and regularly updated to stay current with new additions clearly highlighted.
What the experts said: “Many companies waste money on Paid Search. Paid Search is not media buying and is closer to Organic Search than many realise. Econsultancy’s Best Practice Guide educates the reader on successful bid strategies, tracking, landing page optimisation and helps brands pick the best Search Marketing agency for their needs.” - Andrew Girdwood, Head of Technical Search, bigmouthmedia “As ever a fantastically comprehensive approach and a really valuable piece of work for anyone wanting to get involved in search marketing or making sure they are covering the bases.” Oliver Newton, i-level “A very comprehensive resource for any online marketer looking to get their head around the the ins and outs of developing and implementing an integrated PPC strategy.”Damon Lightley, Site Visibility “An excellent guide that is an absolute must-read for anybody wishing to understand best practice Pay per Click advertising. Setting up a basic campaign is relatively straightforward but this guide and is packed full of jargon-free tips and illustrated examples that will help all novice advertisers. More importantly though, it goes well beyond the basics. It explains the importance and outlines the process of developing, and implementing, a PPC strategy for the more sophisticated and complex campaigns that are required in many competitive markets these days.”Mike Rogers, Optimize Search Engine Marketing “Another fantastic piece of work, following on from the SEO best practice guide. This document is incredibly comprehensive and offers a level of detail that I have not seen before. While some may say that it threatens the work we do, as an agency, I would happily give a copy to all our clients as it helps demonstrate the principles of what we do and justifies the fees we charge for managing paid search campaigns. Extremely worthwhile read.”Joe Friedlein, Browser Media
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