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Paid Search Marketing (PPC) - Best Practice Guide: Mobile Paid Search

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This section of Econsultancy's newly-updated Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Best Practice Guide covers mobile paid search.

Built on the foundations of our previous report, this document has been created and updated using insight, tips, strategies and tactics from those working every day in the paid search field and generating profits for their clients.

This guide contains actionable, real-world insight with detailed explanations to help you start and improve your performance within paid search.

Topics covered in this section

Areas covered in this section include:

  • Growth and trends in mobile usage
  • Why mobile paid search is an important part of the marketing mix
  • Differences in mobile search behaviour
  • Best practices for mobile paid search
  • Maximising the ‘local’ opportunity through mobile paid search
  • Using mobile paid search to drive app downloads
  • The future of mobile paid search

As well as this section, the guide is available in its entirety as a 400-page report, or in eight other individual sections. See the main report page for details.

Contributing authors

This guide has been put together and updated by Rob Jones, an experienced digital consultant and owner of Romor Digital, with the assistance of leading agencies and practitioners working at the coal face of paid search. They have kindly contributed their time and effort in producing this guide.

This section has been reviewed and edited by Sophie Kleiner, Head of Search, and PPC team at NMP.

Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • Features of this guide
  • About Econsultancy
  • About the contributors

2. Mobile Paid Search

3. Acknowledgements


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