Best Practice

Paid Social Media Advertising

By Michelle Goodall,

Econsultancy's Paid Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide provides an overview of the major social media channels and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media advertising.

The guide provides a summary of the main self-serve advertising options on these channels, and outlines some of the premium options available to marketers when developing a strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.

It has been written to complement Econsultancy's Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide, Social Media Platforms Overview and Paid Search Best Practice Guide.

Topics covered

The report covers the following topics:

  • Paid Social Media Advertising Basics
  • Planning and Strategy for Paid Social Media
  • Ad Creative and Copy Strategy
  • Platform Strategy
  • Managing Paid Social Media Advertising
  • Tools
  • Optimisation
  • Managing Data
  • Additional Challenges
  • Measurement and Evaluation


Econsultancy would like to thank the following interviewees who contributed to this report: 

  • Christi Burnum, VP, Group Manager, Paid Media, Ketchum
  • Debra Forman, President, Ketchum Digital
  • Joanna Halton, Director and Founder, Jo & Co.
  • Andrew Hood, Managing Director, Lynchpin Analytics
  • Paul Kasamias, Head of Performance Media, Starcom | Performics
  • Dave Lowe, Paid Media Manager, Regital
  • Oscar Romero, Head of Performance Media, Spark Foundry | Performics
  • Becky Steeden, Social Media Manager, RNLI

Stay tuned - Econsultuancy will host a Social Media webinar, further exploring the most important issues and takeaways in this report on 20th September 2018.  

Contributing Authors

Michelle Goodall

More reports from Michelle Goodall

Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • About this report
  • About Econsultancy
  • About the author
  • Expert contributors

2. Paid Social Media Advertising Basics

3. Planning and Strategy for Paid Social Media Advertising

4. Ad Creative and Copy Strategy

5. Platform Strategy

6. Managing Paid Social Media Advertising

7. Tools

8. Optimisation

9. Managing Data

10. Additional Challenges

11. Measurement and Evaluation


  • Pdf Disabled Paid Social Media Advertising (14.8 MB PDF)

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