The personalisation of experiences is now an expectation for most customers and a source of disappointment if expectations are not met. With research indicating that personalisation drives better performance and company growth, organisations cannot afford to ignore the potential impact that it may have on their business.

This report provides best practice guidance on enabling and delivering personalised experiences at scale through data, tools, techniques and people. It covers:

  • The business case: From driving retention to nurturing loyalty, what are some of the key benefits of implementing personalisation?
  • Key pillars: With customer-centricity at the heart of any personalisation activity, what are the key pillars for enabling an effective strategy?
  • Insights and understanding: Data is key to understanding the customer. What techniques can marketers use to target and connect with their audiences throughout the customer journey?
  • Data foundation: How can businesses access and manage data to create a single customer view and deliver seamless personalised experiences?
  • Personalisation at scale: What technologies can help organisations deliver tailored communications to individual users?