Author: Matt Owen, Social Media Manager at Econsultancy

Pages: 60+

Features: Best practice information and advice for brands and organisations using Pinterest.

About this guide

This report is aimed at companies and individuals who are thinking of joining Pinterest and want to find out more about the social platform, as well as people who are currently using Pinterest and want a deeper understanding of best practice.

For companies thinking about joining Pinterest, the report helps you to understand the value of the platform, why it’s useful, and how it can be used for business. And for those companies who already have a Pinterest presence, the guide helps you to optimise your activity, understand what works, and how you can measure and define success.

The 63-page document covers best practice tactics, including statistics and case studies, as well as practical tips for getting started with Pinterest and how to engage with your followers.

By reading our best practice guidelines, we’ll help you to get the most value from the social platform by understanding how to create content for Pinterest, create an active community and avoiding common mistakes.

The following areas are covered in the guide:

  • Pinterest statistics
  • The business case for investing in Pinterest
  • How to get started
  • How to create content for Pinterest
  • How to create an active community
  • Measurement and ROI
  • Pinterest case studies
  • Resources and further reading

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About this report
    2. About Econsultancy
    3. About the author
  2. What is Pinterest?
  3. Pinterest statistics
    1. Pinterest usage
    2. Pinterest demographics
  4. The business case for investing in Pinterest
  5. Getting started
    1. Setting your goals
    2. Pinterest business accounts
    3. Creating a Pinterest account
    4. Creating your first board
    5. Adding new boards
    6. The Pin It button
  6. Creating content for Pinterest
    1. Optimising your pins
      1. Provide clear descriptions
      2. Use eye-catching images
  7. Creating a ‘visual content hub’
  8. Sourcing and creating extra content
    1. YouTube and Vimeo videos
    2. SlideShare presentations
    3. ‘About us’ pages
    4. Press room
    5. Screenshots and text
  9. Creating an active community
    1. Add share buttons to your website
    2. Invite your existing followers to join your community
      1. Repinning, Liking and commenting
      2. Share and share alike
      3. Let others contribute
    3. Competitions on Pinterest
  10. Measurement and ROI
    1. Reachli
    2. Repinly
    3. Pinpuff
    4. Pinfluencer
    5. Identifying valuable metrics case study: The Daily Mail
  11. Case studies
    1. General Electric
    2. ASOS
    3. Getting noticed
      1. Diesel
      2. House of Fraser
      3. Zara
      4. Nike Football
      5. Abercrombie & Fitch
  12. Keeping pace with platform updates
    1. Images: the new search
    2. Optimise around your images
    3. More opportunity to sell
  13. Resources and further reading
    1. Econsultancy reports
    2. Econsultancy articles
    3. External articles

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