This is Econsultancy’s first Predictive Analytics Report, in association with RedEye. The research, based on an online survey of nearly 400 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals, looks at adoption levels of predictive analytics and the types of strategies and tactics organisations are using.

In addition, it evaluates the tools and processes employed for improving the level of actionable insights that predictive analytics can provide, and barriers to effective use of the capability.

The aim is to provide a benchmark of where organisations are in their journey towards the implementation and application of predictive analytics, by examining the current usage and methods employed by practitioners, budget plans and perceptions of its importance going forward.

The survey data was also used to identify groups of respondents with similar competencies and focus in terms of predictive analytics. These groups were ranked based on the sophistication of the analysis they are currently undertaking and their goals for the forthcoming year in order to produce a maturity model. Three stages of maturity have been identified based on the survey responses: ‘Starting Out’, ‘Developing’ and ‘Strategic’.

The maturity model can be used as a roadmap to guide organisations on their journey towards realising the strategic benefits that investment in predictive analytics can offer.