As digital enables more business models to pivot to direct-to-consumer propositions, and products on offer increasingly resemble services, it is crucial that marketers understand the significance of service design and centre their thinking, strategy and roles on product.

This means having a firm grip on the interplay between marketing strategy and product strategy. Product marketing – the process of promoting and selling a product after its launch – sits at the intersection between the practices of product, marketing and sales, and requires an appreciation of customer needs, the market and the competition.

This best practice guide provides marketers with an understanding of product strategy and marketing fundamentals, enabling them to successfully navigate where marketing and product disciplines cross over, and drive business benefit.

The report covers:

  • The heightened importance of customer experience, and how it must go further than the environment created via apps, websites and services
  • How marketers, sales teams, product owners and product managers should work together to achieve organisational goals, and the role of small, cross-functional squads in ensuring good communication and agile processes
  • Approaches for baking marketing into the product, allowing greater insight into user pains and gains
  • Models for planning a good product strategy and marketing process, including linking a clear vision and goals to daily activity
  • The types of data marketers should use to measure outcomes and objectives, and how to align these with business goals, and how to use OKRs (objectives and key results) to manage performance.