Digital has enabled an ever-growing number of products to become services, an increasing number of markets to pivot to direct-to-consumer, and the rising importance of product functions in organisations across a wide range of sectors.

The increasingly blurred lines between product and marketing are presenting both challenges and opportunities for organisations looking to optimise capability. Key amongst these opportunities is the application of Product Marketing techniques.

This webinar draws on Econsultancy’s new report on best practice in Product Strategy and Marketing and will cover:

  • The growing impact of product strategy and marketing: featuring the rise in product thinking, the increasing cross-over between product and marketing, and the new ‘holy-trinity’ of product, marketing and technology capabilities within businesses
  • Essential Product Strategy and Marketing practice: applying key principles including forming an effective product vision, using product personas, finding product-market fit, driving growth through hypothesis-driven development, data and pricing strategy, supporting customer success
  • Using product strategy tools: applying key tools and canvases to support best practice
  • Measuring progress and performance: aligning metrics and the fundamentals of good data application


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