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Project Plan - Web Template Files

By Sonia Kay and Ashley Friedlein,

This report is part of the Template Files for Web Projects bundle.


Web Project Template Files: Project Definition and Start Up
Authors: Sonia Kay, Econsultancy and other expert contributors
Title: Project Plan

About this Guide

The project plan is a manifesto for how the project is going to be delivered rather than giving any more detail about what is going to be delivered. It reiterates the scope and objectives for the project. Defines the target audience for the web solution Highlights key assumptions, risks and constraints on the project Introduces the project team and agrees their responsibilities within the projects It talks about how quality will be tested and controlled, and include a high level test plan (see Test Plan template in section 2.6 which should feed into the project plan). It talks about how the project will be managed and progress communicate. Finally it outlines a more detailed budget breakdown and timing plan based on the detailed work of estimation that has already occurred in the planning phase. Because the project plan acts as a key document in communicating with the team, client and stakeholders about what they can expect from the project process it is critical that this document is both received, read and approved by key parties.