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Putting Video in Context for 2018

In association with video intelligence


As online video consumption has rocketed in recent years, we have witnessed a continued diversification of ad formats.

Advertisers and publishers now benefit from myriad ways to engage consumers via video content, including new contextual opportunities provided by the emerging formats of video inventory on offer. Formats alone are not enough to improve effectiveness, the environment in which the video is placed is crucial.

This report, published in association with video intelligence, makes the case for increasing the use of online video in advertising campaigns, emphasises the importance of context and provides recommendations on what to consider to make contextual video advertising a success.

2018 will see video come to the forefront of online advertising. Now commonplace on both desktop and mobile social platforms, video advertising will break out of the in-stream norm and appear alongside editorial content in slick, non-intrusive formats. Given the popularity of the media, with video becoming the favoured way to consume content, getting advertising right on this channel will result in demonstrable engagement and returns.

Table of contents

1. Foreword by video intelligence

2. Contextual video drives engagement and UX

3. Online video is now the fastest growing ad format

4. Video accounts for the vast majority of mobile data traffic

5. Brand safety remains a challenge for advertisers

6. Online video provides an ad multiplier effect

7. Artificial intelligence provides opportunities but increases complexity

8. Key recommendations

9. About video intelligence

10. About Econsultancy


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