The CX Challenge report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with Adobe, digs into the struggles and successes of modern customer experience (CX), and looks at the extent to which organisations deliver a consistent and relevant customer experience across all touchpoints.

The research also explores the ways in which marketers are using new and emerging technology to create compelling experiences, and looks at the rising role of design and creativity in the context of CX.

The report is based on a global survey of more than 2,200 digital marketers and ecommerce professionals carried out in August and September 2015.

The following sections are featured in the report:

  • Complexity of customer experience
  • CX is a team sport
  • Mobile excellence in the age of context
  • Bridging the digital and physical gap
  • Internet of Things and wearable tech
  • The importance of design

Findings include:

  • Only 8% of companies view themselves as ‘very advanced’ in terms of customer experience maturity, i.e. ‘their strategy and technology are well aligned around CX to successful effect’.
  • Companies that are advanced in terms of customer experience maturity are three times more likely than other companies to say they are ‘definitely’ design-driven. Three-quarters of respondents at CX-mature companies say that creativity is highly valued within their organisations, compared to only 58% of their counterparts at other companies.
  • Respondents working at organisations that are advanced at CX are more than twice as likely to say that responsibility for CX is shared across the whole organisation, rather than the responsibility of a particular department.
  • The complexity of the customer experience is seen by companies as the greatest barrier to an improved customer experience, viewed as a top-three obstacle by 37% of in-company respondents.
  • Organisations are less mature when it comes to the mobile customer experience specifically, with only around a third (35%) regarding themselves as ‘quite advanced’ and a further 6% claiming to be ‘very advanced’ (6%).

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