Mindset is critical for a business to stay ahead in a competitive world. Organisations that cultivate a modern marketing mindset and promote the development of their staff will be better equipped to respond to change and retain talent.

After more than two decades of research, Econsultancy has identified 10 characteristics required for success that form the ‘modern marketing mindset’.

This Quick Guide, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Fundamentals of Modern Marketing Mindset Best Practice Guide, provides the steps that can be taken to cultivate the 10 Cs of a marketing mindset on an individual and organisational level. It covers:

  • Business benefits: From developing a leadership pipeline to facilitating transparency, what are the business benefits of a modern marketing mindset?
  • Aligning values: With the Great Resignation placing increasing importance on a company’s ability to retain talent, how can a modern marketing mindset be an engine for employee satisfaction and professional development?
  • Customer and commercial balance: Customer centricity is key for commercial success. How do these two divergent viewpoints link together within the modern marketing mindset?
  • Cultivating confidence: How can marketers identify their current attitudes and move towards a ‘growth mindset’ that fosters confidence, curiosity and creativity?
  • Success through collaboration: Marketing teams working in collaboration can achieve greater success than an individual could achieve on their own. How can collaboration and connectedness be nurtured at an individual and organisational level as part of a modern marketing mindset?