Video has grown in popularity with users and as a marketing tool for businesses in recent years, fuelled by growth in smartphone sophistication, improved download speeds and a broader selection of distribution options. The Covid-19 pandemic helped accelerate this growth, and video marketing is now more accessible than ever for even the smallest of budgets.

This quick guide, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Online Video Best Practice Guide, outlines how marketing teams can create a strategy for online video. It covers:

  • Platforms and opportunities: What makes video such an enticing prospect for marketers, and which platforms offer the greatest organic reach for video content?
  • Setting objectives: How can brands create a video strategy that aligns with each stage of the marketing funnel and supports their overarching business goals?
  • Defining audiences: What key steps can brands follow to clearly define their audiences and how can they use video to target them at different points along the customer journey?
  • Key content types: What are the guiding principles for creating content that offers value to the customer, and what factors can inform a brand’s video content?
  • Distribution: What are the key distribution types, and how can brands blend their channel mix to optimise video distribution?