It is essential for businesses of any size to be able to adapt and respond to external challenges, and to create robust strategies that will see them through uncertain times. When budgets are adjusted in response, marketers will need to optimise spend by making sound strategic decisions.

This quick guide, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Optimising Marketing Spend Best Practice Guide, looks at how brands can market effectively with smaller budgets, prioritise and do more with less. It covers:

  • Future-planning: With a multitude of tools available to help businesses plan for uncertain futures, what signals can marketers look out for to identify when change is necessary?
  • Strategy: What are the key considerations that marketers need to weigh up when re-evaluating strategy around a tight or reduced budget?
  • Resources: How can brands effectively optimise their resources by reorganising team structures, implementing training and leveraging data?
  • Tactics: What are some of the ways brands can adapt their marketing activities in order to optimise budget?
  • Channel use: How should brands prioritise channels for investment during challenging times?