An organisation’s culture determines its ability to adapt to unpredictable market conditions. A customer-centric mindset and a digital culture enable businesses to develop resilience, innovate and thrive in changing contexts.

This quick guide, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Building a Digital Culture Best Practice Guide, defines the attributes of a digital culture and outlines its value in business. It includes reflection questions for leaders looking to nurture a digital culture within their teams. The report covers:

  • Organisational culture: How does culture originate in an organisation, and what are some of the frameworks that marketers can use to identify their own internal cultures?
  • Attributes: What are the qualities and behaviours of an effective digital culture, and how do these support innovation and resilience?
  • Leadership: Identifying the dominant culture within an organisation can help reveal friction points. How can leaders address these effectively and bring to life positive practices and behaviours within the workplace?
  • Digital culture as a catalyst: An effective digital culture facilitates transformation, innovation and an organisation’s ability to deliver exceptional CX. How can cultural barriers be overcome to embed these capabilities into the organisation?