Measurement of the effectiveness of digital marketing is crucial for marketers’ understanding of whether their campaigns are serving the overall aims and purpose of their brand. But there is great upheaval in this area, thanks to widespread privacy-focused regulatory and technical changes that are repositioning the key elements of measuring digital marketing activity.

This report, an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Measuring Digital Marketing Effectiveness Best Practice Guide, gives an overview of methods across marketing measurement and discusses the impact of industry changes on each of these, as well as strategies for success. It covers:

  • Current trends: What did respondents to Econsultancy’s 2022 Future of Marketing survey reveal about the measurement techniques most likely to be in use over the next two years?
  • Tried-and-tested tactics: From first- and zero-party data focused measurement to brand studies and data partnerships, what are the options available to marketers looking to expand their digital marketing measurement strategies?
  • New approaches: What are some of the newer techniques being explored by marketers to counter the impact of technical and regulatory changes to marketing measurement?
  • Challenges: How has the decline of the third-party cookie and device ID come about and what impact will this have on the techniques discussed in this guide?
  • Strategies: How can marketers stay on top of changes within the industry and future-proof their measurement solutions?