This report is an abridged version of Econsultancy’s Product Strategy and Marketing Best Practice Guide. It looks at why product thinking, strategy and roles have come to the fore alongside growth in direct-to-consumer and product-as-a-service propositions, and provides a guide to product strategy and marketing fundamentals. It covers:

  • Key drivers: How has the growing significance of customer experience and accelerating shifts in customer behaviour changed definitions of success, and what steps are business leaders taking to meet these new challenges?
  • Definitions: What is meant by ‘product strategy’ and ‘product marketing’ and how do they intersect with wider organisational strategy and other functions within a business?
  • Tools and frameworks: Product visions and product strategies are important to building a cohesive link between long-term planning and daily activity. What are some of the models and frameworks that marketers can use?
  • Agile practice: Why is agility important when aligning product strategy and marketing to customer needs, and how can small, cross-functional squads help with adaptability and collaboration?
  • Measurement: What metrics are useful for helping marketers tune their approach, and how does quantitative data differ from qualitative research?