Email marketing has been shaped in recent years by shifts in customer expectations and behaviour that arose during the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as changing legislation around privacy and data collection. Today’s email marketing has evolved from a promotional to a more empathetic and helpful approach.

The power of email as a channel to enable direct, personalised and privacy-compliant communication to vast audiences means it continues to be a key tool for marketers. Yet challenges remain.

This quick guide, part of Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Best Practice bundle, looks at the current email marketing landscaping, exploring the benefits, obstacles and innovations transforming the industry. It covers:

  • The evolution of email: From changing consumer behaviours to increased privacy regulation, what outside forces are impacting how brands approach email marketing?
  • The marketers’ choice: Email remains a key channel for marketers. What are the top 10 reasons that make it the marketers’ choice?
  • Life after cookies: The spectre of third-party cookie deprecation has loomed for a few years, but they are now set to be phased out in 2024. What best practices should email marketers adopt in preparation?
  • Technology: Marketing automation and generative AI solutions provide email marketers with more power than ever to reach customers with engaging, personalised content at scale. How should marketers harness this technology to get the best results?