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Driving Business Growth Series

Across four briefs, The Driving Business Growth Series looks at what the most effective marketing organizations think about the future through the lens of their investments, attitudes and strategies.

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Trend Briefings

Trend Briefing: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Following on from Econsultancy's Innovation Best Practice Guide, this trend briefing puts a spotlight on Artificial Intelligence - one of the most prominent and exciting areas of tech in 2017.

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Internet Statistics

Internet Statistics Compendium

Econsultancy's Internet Statistics Compendium is a compilation of internet statistics and online market research with data, facts, charts and figures. Updated monthly, the documents contain thousands of stats and figures. A huge time-saver for presentations and reports.

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Best Practice Guides

Content Strategy Best Practice Guide

The Content Strategy Best Practice Guide is based on a series of in-depth interviews with a range of senior digital and non-digital marketers, content leads, heads of UX and content strategists. Written by experienced blogger, writer and consultant Neil Perkin, the report aims to identify best practice approaches, techniques, challenges and opportunities around digital content strategy.

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Survey Reports

2017 Measurement and Analytics Report

The 2017 Measurement and Analytics Report, produced by Econsultancy in partnership with analytics consultancy Lynchpin for the tenth year running, looks at how organisations are using data strategically and tactically to generate insights and to improve business performance. The research, based on a survey of almost 1,000 digital professionals, also focuses on the important role for data and analytics in supporting their attempts to build a competitive advantage by becoming more customer-centric.

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Survey Reports

Digital Intelligence Briefing: 2017 Digital Trends in IT

The 2017 Digital Trends in IT report, based on the seventh annual trends survey conducted by Econsultancy and Adobe, explores the digitally-driven opportunities and challenges facing organisations from the perspective of IT professionals.

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Survey Reports

Partners in Transformation

Partners in Transformation: What brand marketers need from agencies explores the views of senior, brand-side executives on the changing relationship between brands and agencies. With the dynamic in flux, brands are discovering new ways to employ their agencies' talents; the report highlights trends among brand leaders, as well as challenges and trend predicitions for the near future.

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Survey Reports

State of Marketing Automation in Australia and New Zealand

The State of Marketing Automation in Australia and New Zealand report, published in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, evaluates current adoption levels, tools and processes employed as well as barriers to effective use of marketing automation.

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Trend Briefings

Achieving Predictive Maturity

The Achieving Predictive Maturity report, published in association with RedEye, follows on from a survey of 400 marketers carried out for the 2016 Predictive Analytics Report and aims to examine how companies move from a limited state where they are 'starting out' through to a 'strategic' state where predictive capabilities lie at the heart of the business. It is based on a series of interviews with senior practitioners along with insights from other primary Econsultancy research.

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Best Practice Guides

Building a Digital Culture

Building a Digital Culture is a Best Practice Guide providing you with tips and information on how to embed a digital culture in order to compete in a fast-paced, digitised and customer-focused world.