Infographic: The State of Social Gaming

The State of Social Gaming infographic looks at the different types of companies across the social gaming landscape, including game developers, gaming analytics specialists, virtual currency and payment providers, and in-game advertisers, plus much more. 

Best Practice Guides

How To Create Amazing Facebook Pages

Econsultancy’s How To Create Amazing Facebook Pages Best Practice Guide has been produced specifically with the aim of helping organizations and brands design and implement their Facebook pages for maximum effect, no matter what the objective. This 90+ page document contains sections ranging from building an internal business case for a Facebook presence through to understanding internal strategy and moderation. It also has a comprehensive, 50-point checklist of best practice issues and their associated success factors that you'll need for your Facebook activity.

Buyer's Guides

Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) Buyer's Guide

Econsultancy's Demand-Side Platforms Buyer's Guide focuses on the DSP and RTB (real-time bidding) marketplace, with detailed information about the trends and issues affecting the online display advertising sector. The report contains best practice and tips for identifying the right DSP to meet your needs and includes profiles of 16 leading vendors (DSPs) in this space.

Trend Briefings

Understanding Convergence and Performance Marketing: Trends Briefing

The Understanding convergence & performance marketing: Trends briefing is a 12 page document, sponsored by ValueClick Media, which is free to registered users. Inside, it contains the latest market trends, developments, issues, statistics and useful resources relating to convergence and performance marketing.

Survey Reports

Media Growth Trends Report 2011

The Media Growth Trends report explores executive opinion and prediction in the areas of online publishing and media. This report has a US focus, but is relevant for an international audience as it includes data from a number of trans-national companies and asks for respondent views on international investment and growth. Topics include the identification of the drivers for near and mid-term growth, internal and systemic obstacles, vital trends and predictions for M&A activity in the space.

Event Presentations

Webinar - 2011 Digital Marketing Trends

Econsultancy's free webinar about Trends in Digital Marketing for 2011 is available both as a PowerPoint presentation and broadcast. The 24-slide presentation includes information on joined-up marketing, organisational change, localisation ... plus much more.

Survey Reports

Customer Engagement Report 2011

This is the fifth annual Customer Engagement Report, produced in association with cScape. This is the most comprehensive and influential report available on customer engagement, and features expert commentary from the likes of Jim Sterne, Adam Hibbert, Ron Shevlin, Richard Sedley, Steve Woods and Ian Jindal.

Buyer's Guides

SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide 2011

Econsultancy's SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide focuses on the UK search engine optimisation (SEO) marketplace and contains detailed information about the trends and issues affecting this particular sector of digital marketing. The report contains extensive insight about how to find the right natural search agency to meet your needs, and profiles 27 leading UK agencies.

Trend Briefings

Social Gaming Smart Pack

This 38-page Social Gaming Smart Pack report includes market trends, key statistics and case study examples of companies using social gaming for marketing. This report, which looks at the main players in this increasingly important sector, is the first in a series of Econsultancy Smart Packs looking at emerging areas relating to digital marketing.

Trend Briefings

Online Media Report

The Online Media Report focuses on the online advertising landscape and how media buying has evolved in the last decade. The comprehensive report, which has a US focus but is relevant for a global audience, contains a detailed analysis of the current trends and issues affecting the marketplace, as well as an overview of emerging players such as demand-side platforms (DSPs).