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Digital Marketing Template Files: Search Engine Marketing - SEO  

Author: James Gurd, Owner and Lead Consultant, Digital Juggler

Files included: 7 files 

File titles: Google Analytics Reporting Dashboard, SEO Keyword Analysis, SEO Keyword Analysis and Creation Supporting Document, Earning High Quality External Links Checklist, Performance Audit, Ranking Signals, RFP Checklist

About these templates

Who created these template files?

In some cases Econsultancy has created the templates. In others we have gone to leading experts in the relevant area and they have provided the files. Details of those people are given where appropriate in the descriptions that follow.

How should these files be used?

Organic search (SEO) is an important part of search engine marketing. We've created template files that should help steer you towards maximising your SEO efforts.


In this release we have included a mixture of useful documents to help you optimise your SEO campaigns.

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