The pursuit of growth through improved customer experience is driving companies in every sector to build new capabilities in customer analytics and improve on existing ones. This report explores the relationship between these efforts and business results.

Secrets of Elite Analytics Practices, produced by Econsultancy in association with IBM, examines a variety of different disciplines within analytics for their maturity and impact on key performance indicators. The report is based on a survey of 225 executives at the director level and above at organizations reporting revenues over $250 million in 2015. Respondents were also qualified based on geography and knowledge of ecommerce, marketing and analytics.

Better information leads to happier, more profitable customers. This logic is borne out by results; companies with strong capabilities in multiple disciplines of customer analytics see an advantage over their peers in tangible metrics such as conversion rate, customer satisfaction and even revenue growth rate.

Key topics covered

  • The relationship between the strength of specific capabilities and results.
  • The ranked benefits of analytics practices.
  • The meaningful differences in customer journey analysis between companies with strong and weak capabilities.
  • The important challenges to overcome for companies wanting to elevate their analytics practices.
  • The analytical capability that correlates with the greatest improvement on conversion rate.

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