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SEO Best Practice: Conversion efficiency

By Econsultancy,

This report is part of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practice Guide 2012 bundle.


The SEO Best Practice: Conversion Efficiency  Guide is part of Econsultancy's renowned SEO Best Practice Guide and contains everything you need to know about search engine optimization, whether you work for an in-house client team, independently or for an agency.

Built on the foundations of our previous, highly-esteemed report by digital marketing author and trainer Dr Dave Chaffey, this document will help you understand search marketing like never before. 

The document is invaluable for anybody working in internet marketing, or looking to appoint an SEO agency, or simply trying to secure better search enginer rankings.

It has been created with the help and frontline insight of globally-esteemed SEO practitioners, in order to give you the edge in your natural search marketing activity. 

Make no mistake: this guide contains lots of actionable, real world insight. It will help you immediately start to improve your performance across the search engines.


  1. Introduction
    1. What is conversion efficiency? Why does it matter?
  2. What is a landing page?
  3. Defining landing page objectives
  4. Measuring landing page effectiveness
  5. The zero defect approach to improving landing pages
  6. Different types of landing page
  7. Different referrer types
  8. Landing page success factors
    1. Guideline one: Deliver relevance
    2. Guideline two: Integrate with referral source(s)
    3. Guideline three: Provide sufficient detail to support the response decision
    4. Guideline four: Start the user on their journey
    5. Guideline five: Use the right page length
    6. Guideline six: Use meaningful graphics
    7. Guideline seven: Remove menu options
    8. Guideline eight: Consider using a ‘flowable’ or liquid layout design
    9. Guideline nine: Remember search marketing
    10. Guideline ten: Remember the non-responders
    11. Guideline eleven: ‘TIMITI’
    12. Guideline twelve: Consider landing page longevity

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