Econsultancy’s SEO Best Practice Guide series contains everything marketers need to know about search engine optimisation, from the basics – what is SEO? – to the technical, including how the discipline works in tandem with content marketing and digital PR.

The value of effective SEO cannot be overestimated. A large proportion of people begin their purchase journey online via a search engine and organic SEO has been found to be one of the most successful ways of generating return on investment.

SEO is an integral part of digital marketing and a major consideration for today’s businesses, whether it increases the visibility and discoverability of a business or reduces the cost per click of an ad by improving the page quality score.

These reports have been written to help marketing professionals develop a comprehensive SEO strategy that employs best practice and is compliant with search engine guidelines.

The bundle is comprised of the following 13 guides:

An introduction to SEO These reports cover the development of the discipline and key events that have shaped the practice of SEO today, including how to stay compliant with updates to the search engine guidelines.

1. The Fundamentals of SEO
2. Changes in SEO
3. Algorithm Updates
4. Guidelines and Compliance

Page Content Optimisation Ultimately, pages should be optimised for the audience, not just the search engines. These reports look at how page content can be optimised for the target audience.

5. On-Page Optimisation
6. International SEO
7. Audience Analysis and Keyphrase Selection

Link Building Links provide a means of navigation for users and essential context for search engines, but they should be earned, and not secured through manipulative practices. These reports cover how to implement an effective and compliant link building strategy.  

8. Link Strategy and Tactics
9. Social and Digital PR: The Influence on Search

Technical Optimisation The practice of SEO is underpinned by technical optimisation. These reports go into in-depth detail about how to structure a website and technically optimise its pages.  

10. Technical SEO
11. Landing Page Optimisation

Measuring Performance These reports cover how to measure the effectiveness of SEO strategies, monitor traffic and assess the competition.

12. Benchmarking and Auditing
13. Measurement and Reporting for SEO