Shopping ads have become the go-to ad type for retailers due to their highly visual nature and the ability to engage consumers with clear product images, ratings and prices for quick comparison and consideration.

Traffic from Shopping ads often comes with higher purchase intent, and so any ecommerce business should consider them an important part of their digital strategy.

This report shows how Shopping campaigns should be set up and optimised for maximum returns. It covers:

  • Shopping campaigns: What are the core features of Google Shopping, what is its relationship with Search and how do the two complement each other throughout the purchase funnel?
  • Setting up: From structuring campaigns to setting up product groups, what are the steps advertisers need to take when creating new Shopping campaigns, and what are the need-to-know factors for getting products to appear in search results?
  • Strategy: How can Shopping campaigns and product feeds be optimised for success, and how does the structure and prioritisation of campaigns come into play?
  • Performance Max: Launched by Google in late 2021, what are Performance Max campaigns and how can brands maximise their value and integrate them into the broader PPC strategy?
  • Microsoft Shopping: How can brands integrate Microsoft Shopping campaigns into their paid search strategies and capitalise on the lower levels of competition on Bing?
  • Taking it further: From merchant promotions to video action campaigns and local inventory ads, how can advertisers make the most of advanced Shopping campaign features to drive maximum results?

This report is part of Econsultancy’s Paid Search Best Practice Bundle and has been created with the help and insight of expert paid search practitioners to help marketers succeed in their paid search strategy.