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Smart Pack: The Social Shift in Internal Communications

By Sam Dwyer, Econsultancy,

Econsultancy's Smart Packs are short guides for marketers who need to quickly get caught up with ideas on the cutting edge of rapidly changing areas in digital technology.

This Smart Pack: The Social Shift in Internal Communications examines not only how companies are using social media to communicate internally, but also how social media is altering conventional production methods to include teams of 'on-demand' networked freelancers.

All personal and business relationships are currently being impacted by the new technologies of interpersonal digital mediation. Social media is changing more than just how consumers communicate to one another - it's changing companies as well.

This report addresses the trends of "Bring Your Own Device," workplace decentralization, and the consumerization of software interfaces. It prognosticates about what the implications of these trends will be, and what future of work will be like. It also:

  • Examines digital companies like Gawker, Elance and oDesk, that are pioneering new frontiers of collaborative labor and media consumption.
  • Explores what digital communication tools companies are commonly using today, and offers advice on implementation.
  • Includes three interviews about implementing internal communications technology from the perspectives of:
    • Catherine Glover, Director of Social@Ogilvy
    • Daniel Beckmann, Co-Founder of the startup IB5k
    • Anonymous, Condé Nast

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
  2. Digital Media and Internal Communications
    1. 'Internal communications' are changing
    2. Trend: BYOD
    3. Trend: Consumerization and workplace decentralization
    4. Why these trends are generally a good thing for businesses
      1. Flat communication hierarchies can drive innovation
      2. Increase employee engagement
      3. Build digital competence in a safe place
      4. Improved productivity (reduced costs and increased profit)
    5. Where we’re headed: The next few years
    6. This may not be the Brave New World we think it is
    7. Ideas in review
  3. Signs of the Future: Examining Outliers
    1. Gawker: consistent teams, collaborative single-product creation
    2. Elance & oDesk: distributed, metered production
  4. What Are Companies Doing?
    1. Digital communication tools
    2. Implementation
      1. Strategic direction
      2. Limiting factors
    3. Interview: The rise and fall of Truffles, a centralized internal net
  5. Tales of Woe: What Can Go Wrong?
  6. A Recommended Approach

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