Social commerce is a rapidly developing space within the broader ecommerce market, with even conservative analysts placing its value in the hundreds of billions. As the market evolves, brands and technology platforms are finding new ways to tap into this potential and connect with consumers.

This best practice guide looks at established and emerging trends in the space, as well as social commerce strategy, from targeting an audience and building momentum to promoting advocacy. It includes platform-specific advice and best-in-class case studies. It covers:

  • Value: With strong growth forecast for social commerce, how can brands harness the power of social media to engage customers and reach new audiences?
  • Strategy: From creating growth flywheels to effective channel selection, how can brands develop a robust social commerce strategy?
  • Platforms: What are the key formats and opportunities offered by each of the major social media channels, and what steps should brands follow when setting up to sell on each platform?
  • Influence: As an established and thriving form of social commerce, what does influencer marketing bring to the table, and how can it be applied throughout the customer journey?
  • Emerging models: From livestreaming to group buying, what are some of the trends shaping the future of social commerce?