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Social Listening Buyer's Guide 2013

By Econsultancy,


Author: Amy Rodgers

Pages: 177

Structure: Market trends, benefits and return on investment, SWOT analysis, costs and pricing models, tips and pitfalls, establishing measurement, profiles of 14 vendors, summary matrix and charts (for comparing vendors)

About this guide

The fifth edition of the Econsultancy Social Listening Buyer's Guide (previously the Online Reputation and Buzz Monitoring Buyer's Guide) is aimed at marketers who want to understand this market and invest in social listening technology, with profiles of 14 leading technology and tool providers. The 177-page guide provides details on the issues and trends affecting the social listening sector, as well as information about best practice and tips for choosing a suitable vendor.


The report starts with a look at recent trends in the Social Listening market, as well as an assessment of the sector's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

Trends covered in this guide include:

  • Voice of the customer drives innovation and expansion
  • Distilling the noise to measure what matters
  • Sentiment monitoring remains a central challenge for vendors
  • Brands move from passive to active listening and influencer outreach
  • Integration, consolidation and specialization

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
    1. About Econsultancy
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Market trends
    1. Voice of the customer drives innovation and expansion
    2. Distilling the noise to measure what matters
    3. Sentiment monitoring remains a central challenge for vendors
    4. Brands move from passive to active listening and influencer outreach
    5. Integration, consolidation and specialization
  4. Benefits and return on investment from social listening and influencer monitoring
  5. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)
    1. Strengths
    2. Weaknesses
    3. Opportunities
    4. Threats
  6. Costs and pricing models
  7. Tips and pitfalls: how to find the right supplier
    1. Introduction
    2. What type of technology do you require?
    3. Will you be able to turn the information you receive into actionable insights?
    4. The right personality and cultural fit
    5. Getting robust results at an affordable price
    6. Limitations and disadvantages
    7. Outsourcing social media analytics
      1. Dashboard-only suppliers
      2. Listening service suppliers
      3. Specific questions to ask vendors
  8. Establishing measurement
    1. Step one: Checklist
    2. Step two: Setting up your research
    3. Step three: The implementation plan
    4. Interpreting the data
  9. Market Positioning Charts
    1. Explanation for Chart 1 – Type of service
    2. Market positioning overview: Type of service
    3. Explanation for Chart 2 – Area of focus
    4. Market positioning overview: Area of focus
  10. Supplier Matrix
  11. Supplier marketplace and profiles
    1. Adobe Systems, Inc.
    2. ASOMO
    3. AT Internet
    4. BirdSong: Social Media Reconnaissance
    5. BrandsEye
    6. Brandwatch
    7. Infegy EU
    8. Marketwire Sysomos
    9. MutualMind
    10. Onalytica
    11. SDL Social Intelligence
    12. Sentiment Metrics
    13. Synthesio
    14. Traackr

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