This report offers a snapshot of some of the major social media platforms and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media.

It provides a summary of the platforms’ main features and outlines some of the options available to marketers when developing an owned and earned strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.

This guide has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide,  and Content Strategy Best Practice Guide.

The author and Econsultancy wish to extend sincere thanks to the following contributors to the report:

  • Florence Adepoju, Founder, MDMflow
  • Annie Andoh, Social Media Manager, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Tom Barker, Head of Digital, National Trust
  • Sophie Brendel, Director of Marketing & Communications, Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Martin Carter, Social Media Manager, University of Leeds
  • Albert Hogan, Director, Group Marketing, Audience & Digital Development, Penguin Random House
  • Micaela Maciel, Content & Publishing Strategists, H&K Strategies
  • Will McInnes, Chief Marketing Officer, Brandwatch
  • Anna Rawcliffe, Digital Manager, Social and Engagement, National Trust
  • Laura Thomas, Media Innovation Director, Mediacom
  • Lucy Walker, Audience Director, eight&four
  • Helen Wood, Head of Content + Publishing, H+K Strategies UK

The author and Econsultancy wish to extend sincere thanks to the following who have contributed to previous reports and whose contributions are still relevant today:

  • Mark Frankel, (former) Social Media Editor, BBC News
  • Jeff Semones, Managing Partner, Head of Social Media, Mediacom
  • Alison Traboulsi, Social Media Editor, Direct Line Group