Social media is evolving at an accelerating rate. As well as keeping on top of all the new platforms that arise, marketers must stay up to date with feature updates across the major platforms, which happen almost daily.

Econsultancy’s Social Media Platforms Trends Report is a comprehensive summary of the key trends in social media in 2020. Drawing on insights from social media managers across different industries, it provides an overview of the latest trends influencing, and innovations from, the world’s most popular social media platforms. It covers:

  • The technology models and features used in Chinese social media platforms to keep an eye on, including livestreaming ecommerce
  • How Covid-19 might have changed government perceptions about social media platforms and data
  • The rise and rise of TikTok, its recent ban in India and whether tensions around the app signal the beginning of a so-called ‘Splinternet’
  • The rapid development of social commerce – the buying and selling of goods within a social platform – due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • How changing attitudes toward celebrities may force brands to rethink their influencer strategy.