Over the past year, social media has played an increasingly important role in people’s lives, offering ways to stay entertained and in touch during the pandemic. There have also been myriad updates to the main platforms, offering exciting opportunities for marketers.

Econsultancy’s Social Media Platforms Trends Report is a comprehensive summary of the key trends in social media over the last year. Drawing on insights from social media professionals in many different industries, it provides an overview of the latest trends in social media, as well as the innovations that are helping blend the channel further into other areas, such as ecommerce. It covers:

  • The latest social media innovation from Asia-Pacific, including innovations in gesture recognition technology
  • Clubhouse and the growth of audio apps – is Clubhouse a bubble, and will another audio platform dominate?
  • The leaps and bounds TikTok has taken since last year, including a look at its diversifying user base
  • How smaller and private groups and communities, harking back to earlier online times, provide opportunities to communicate and demonstrate brand purpose
  • The importance of authenticity and new attitudes to influencers.