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Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

By Michelle Goodall,

This report is part of the Social Media Bundle bundle.


Part of our Social Media Best Practice Guide bundle, this report aims to identify best practice approaches, techniques, measurement considerations, challenges and opportunities for creating your social media strategy.

It contains actionable, real-world insight with detailed explanations to help you start and improve your performance on social media platforms.

Throughout the report, we bring you examples of how companies are using social media in different ways, as well as insights from companies interviewed specifically for this guide.

For more details on the main features of social media platforms and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media, read the complementary Social Media Platforms Overview and the Paid Social Media Advertising report.


The methodology involved two main phases:

  • Phase 1: Desk research to identify relevant issues, examples and models.
  • Phase 2: A series of in-depth interviews with a range of senior digital and non-digital marketers, communications leads and social media strategists.

Lead author

The lead author for our social media best practice guides is Michelle Goodall, an experienced consultant. She has more than 17 years’ B2C and B2B experience client and agency-side, providing digital transformation and social media strategy advice and support.

She has worked with a wide range of clients, including London2012, BBC, Direct Line Group, Multiple Sclerosis Society, Barclays Bank, Coca Cola, Unilever, US Embassy, and many others.

Michelle is a trainer and consultant for Econsultancy and can generally be found curating things that smart people write / make / do and getting to grips with Peach and other peripheral / transformative / game-changing technologies for her clients.


The author and Econsultancy wish to extend sincere thanks to the following respected professionals who have contributed to the report:

  • Richard Bagnall – CEO, PRIME Research UK & SVP PRIME Research Europe
  • Alison Traboulsi - Social Media Editor, Direct Line Group
  • Kerry Taylor – EVP, MTV International. Chief Marketing Officer, Viacom UK at Viacom 
  • Guy Stephens – Social Customer Care Consultant, IBM
  • Stephen Waddington – Partner and Chief Engagement Officer, Ketchum
  • Ros Lawler – Digital Director, Tate
  • Mark Frankel – Social Media Editor, BBC News
  • Helen Wood – Planning Director, H&K Strategies
  • Sophie Mindell – Content & Publishing Strategist, H&K Strategies
  • Matt Owen – Founder, Atomise Marketing
  • Alison Spray – Director of Data and Insights, H&K Strategies (AMEC Board Member)
  • Jeff Semones – Managing Partner, Head of Social Media, MediaCom

Stay tuned - Econsultuancy will host a Social Media webinar, further exploring the most important issues and takeaways in this report on 20th September 2018.  

Contributing Authors

Michelle Goodall

More reports from Michelle Goodall

Table of contents

1. Introduction

  • About this report
  • Research aim and methodology
  • About Econsultancy
  • About the author
  • Expert contributors

2. Defining Social Media

3. A Broad Framework for a Social Media Strategy

4. Challenges and Opportunities in Social Media

5. Organising for Social Media: Typical Operating Models

6. Activity Planning

7. Aligning to Content Strategy

8. Measurement


  • Pdf Disabled Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide (5.64 MB PDF)

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