This guide provides marketers with a framework for developing a social media strategy, summarising the main considerations when developing a strategic approach to social media marketing and communications.

It has been written to complement Econsultancy’s Social Media Platforms Overview Best Practice Guide, which provides a summary of the self-serve marketing features available on the main social platforms.

Social technologies are transforming the relationships businesses have with their customers and other stakeholders. As social media now touches so many parts of the organisation, getting your social strategy right should be a priority.

The report covers:

  • Frameworks and models for determining the best ways of connecting and communicating with audiences, customers and stakeholders
  • Successful strategies for integrating customer service into social media, including guidance on how to react effectively and sensitively to problems
  • The opportunities of social listening, the process of monitoring conversations about the brand that take place on social platforms
  • How to structure the business so that social media is meaningfully integrated in the organisation
  • The legal considerations organisations must take to ensure they do not fall foul of regulations.


This is the sister report to the B2B Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide. If you work in a B2B business, we recommend reading the B2B Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide, which offers targeted advice and relevant examples for B2Bs.