The Social Quarterly is a series of presentations by Econsultancy that curate the latest trends, developments and statistics in social media.

The reports act as guides to what’s happening now in social media and what you should be keeping an eye on. This quarter’s edition covers:

  • AI developments: The social platforms continue to embrace GenAI, with Snapchat enhancing its image generation features and Meta making its virtual assistant ‘more helpful’. In tandem, Meta is introducing labelling for photorealistic AI images, hoping to support transparency – could this lead to the more widespread application of AI labels?
  • Ad partnerships: Following on from its collaboration with Pinterest, Amazon has partnered with Meta and Snap to enable social media users to shop ads without leaving the platforms. Meanwhile Pinterest, “where the interests of users and advertisers are aligned”, has announced a new ad deal with Google.
  • TikTok: The platform continues to push boundaries and this quarter is no different, as it trials long-form video and starts building out a fulfilment network in the US. But with the music giant Universal pulling its tracks from the network in a licensing deal collapse, could the creative trends-driven platform start to lose its appeal?
  • Platform competition: In a 180-degree transformation, the platform that once restricted users to 140-character tweets has now declared itself to be ‘video-first’. But as its rival Threads launches across the EU and LinkedIn enjoys a surge in ad demand, could video be enough to reverse X’s fortunes?