The Social Quarterly is a series of presentations by Econsultancy that curate the latest trends, developments and statistics in social media.

The reports act as guides to what’s happening now in social media and what you should be keeping an eye on. This quarter’s edition covers:

  • Social media revenues: With Twitter, Meta and Snap reporting disappointing earnings in Q2, how has the economic climate piled pressure on social platforms, and which ones are bucking the trend to achieve growth?
  • Social shopping: YouTube has announced the launch of several new shopping features including a partnership with Shopify, while TikTok has rolled out three new shoppable ad formats. What could these features mean for the role of video-driven social commerce?
  • Shuffles from Pinterest: Collage-creating iOS app Shuffles is set to bring a collaborative, creative element to Pinterest’s original ‘Idea Pins’ offering. Could the platform’s focus on engaging products and user experience be behind its surprisingly high user numbers?
  • Meta livestreaming: Meta is testing a new livestreaming platform for influencers called ‘Super’. How does it differ from the livestream shopping feature the platform recently shut down?
  • Safety and privacy: How is WhatsApp giving greater control over privacy to its users, and what will Snapchat’s new ‘Family Center’ do to try and counter criticism over perceived harmful behaviours on the app?