The Social Quarterly is a series of presentations by Econsultancy that curate the latest trends, developments and statistics in social media.

The reports distil the most recent data and trends, acting as guides to what’s happening now in social media and what you should be keeping an eye on. This quarter’s edition covers:

  • Facebook: The company has rebranded as ‘Meta’ and is positioning itself to launch the Metaverse. What is the latest news on its development?
  • TikTok: The platform’s inaugural ‘Discover List’ will showcase its top 50 creators and influencers. How will brands be able to make use of it?
  • Pinterest: Live commerce is coming to the platform in the form of newly announced Pinterest TV. What can brands do to get on board?
  • LinkedIn: The platform is shutting down in China and a new app, InJobs, is being launched by Microsoft to replace it. How will the new app’s core differences affect users?
  • Instagram: As of October, all users, regardless of follower count, can post links in their stories. What opportunities does this present for micro-influencers and affiliate partnerships?