This report shows B2B businesses how they can leverage a social network to find the right prospects, build strong relationships and achieve sales goals with a social selling strategy.

Social selling – the practice of using social media platforms to find and engage with new prospects, educate and add value, and nurture relationships – is an approach particularly pertinent in the B2B space where the sales cycle is longer and products are more complex.

As cold calling continues to fall short, businesses must have a social selling strategy, which involves identifying the platforms their audiences frequent, understanding where they can add value, and providing them with the right information at the right time, on an ongoing basis.

This report provides a practical guide to creating a social selling strategy. It considers the three most effective social media platforms for B2B marketers and salespeople – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – advising on how brands can best harness the unique potential of each. It also covers:

  • Why social selling is important in the B2B space, and who is now making the key decisions in these businesses
  • The biggest social selling opportunities for B2B brands throughout the sales funnel
  • How to create an effective social media strategy, from getting board buy-in to empowering employees
  • How to create and communicate engaging content that prospects will find useful at every part of the customer journey
  • Using the LinkedIn Social Selling Index to measure how well a brand or individual is achieving its goals.