This report explores techniques, challenges and opportunities around storytelling in the context of marketing and brings together important best practices to help marketers tell better and more compelling stories.

The following topics are covered in this report:

  • The importance of storytelling: Creating compelling narratives has never been more important to marketers and, with the plethora of channels, formats and content options, marketers have a rich palette with which to connect with consumers in ever more impactful ways. Humans are predisposed to love a great story and good storytelling can be both resonant and persuasive. This report considers why stories are so powerful and how the human touch can amplify this even further.
  • Applying storytelling to marketing: With such a broad range of tools, methods and formats to use, marketers can benefit from understanding both the fundamental frameworks that underpin good stories and the best practice techniques that can help create compelling content. This report looks at the fundamentals of storytelling, story structures and techniques for creating narrative arcs, and how to combine this with best practice content techniques.
  • Authenticity: Human stories have always been central to great storytelling and the human touch is still important for content creators. Brands need to do more than pay lip-service to authenticity. Simple frameworks and good preparation and execution can ensure that content and stories are authentic to brand values, tone and territory. This report includes some key frameworks and concepts to help brands deliver in consistent ways.
  • Trust and emotion: Emotive connection is a powerful way of helping stories to connect with consumers and support the power and persuasiveness of content. Good storytelling can generate trust and relatability for brands and ensure that messages are communicated in subtle yet powerful ways. This report looks at key content techniques for telling stories well.
  • Data in storytelling: Data has become critical in storytelling for marketers. From using data to inform, optimise, adapt and tell stories to developing best practice for internal storytelling, this report considers the full range of using data to make your storytelling more effective.

Econsultancy would like to thank the following practitioners and storytellers for their input and inspiration in the compilation of this report:

  • Tracey Segarra, Director of Marketing, Margolin, Winer and Evens LLP
  • Simon Swan, Head of Digital Transformation, Met Office
  • Claire Bryson, Digital Marketing Manager, Content, National Trust
  • Nick Bennett, Digital Content/Social Media Manager, Honda Europe
  • Andrew Willshire, Founder, Diametrical Data
  • Ian Sanders, Storytelling Consultant
  • Lazar Dzamic, Lecturer in Storytelling and Author, ‘The Definite Guide to Strategic Content Marketing’,
  • Justin Kirby, Author, ‘The Definite Guide to Strategic Content Marketing’
  • Andy Whitlock, Strategy Director, The Human Half
  • Richard Shotton, Author, The Choice Factory
  • David Hieatt, Founder, Hiut Denim
  • Simon Andrews, MD, The Media Kitchen