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Technical Specification - Web Project Template Files

By Sonia Kay and Ashley Friedlein,

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Web Project Template Files: Project Definition and Start Up
Authors: Sonia Kay, Econsultancy and other expert contributors
Title: Technical Specification

About this Guide

For project managers, and certainly the programming team, it is important to try and get the technical specification right first time. Whereas many of the other elements can be changed even at a late stage if absolutely necessary, or are subject to interpretation, the technical specification contains only hard facts. A mistake in the technical specification is quite unequivocally a mistake and can cause havoc in a project. The Technical Specification Content List is a MS Word document that contains a list of the content that you would expect to be detailed within a technical specification. As such the document can be used as a checklist to ensure that the important parts of the technical build are correctly specified during development. Note: the Technical Specification may also form a Schedule to the Contract (see Section 2.9.1)