The second annual Technology for Ecommerce Report, published by Econsultancy and sponsored by Neoworks, explores the most important aspects of ecommerce functionality and integration, and how companies rate the performance of their solutions in these areas. The report also looks at spending trends, challenges, and the use of implementers and integrators. 

This research is based on a survey of more than 600 client-side and agency ecommerce business professionals.

Features of the report

This 87-page report focuses on these key areas:

  • Ecommerce revenue and goals
  • Type of ecommerce technology and key functionality
  • Implementers and integrators
  • Integration of ecommerce platform with other areas
  • Investment in technology and services
  • Replatforming
  • Resourcing
  • Barriers to success

Key findings from the report

  • Mobile-supported ecommerce is seen as the most important function of ecommerce solutions
  • Integration issues continue to hinder omnichannel experiences
  • Increase in number of companies replatforming as technology shortcomings hold them back
  • Personalisation: key to ecommerce success or stumbling block?

Who should read this report?

The report is essential reading for ecommerce professionals around the world (including merchants, agencies, integrators and vendors), as well as others who want to understand how technology is evolving within the ecommerce field.