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The China Digital Report

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The opening-up of China, with its growing middle-class population, increased westernisation, and greater communication with the outside world, has resulted in a rapid expansion in internet penetration. Indeed, China now accounts for around a fifth of the global internet population, with the single largest national online presence.

Unlike Western countries, however, this growth has been fuelled by ownership of smartphones rather than desktop computers. This heavily influences the way in which consumers in China access the web for surfing, social networking and, of course, shopping.

China’s new digital economy has opened opportunities for western brands looking to target consumers in what is far from a homogenous market. However, the digital ecosystem in China differs substantially from that of western countries. With this in mind, it makes sense to look at the major internet players in China as well the user experience.

This report does just that. We also analyse and learn from the real-life experiences and outcomes of companies who have recently launched their brands in China.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction and Scope

  • About Econsultancy

2. Demographics

3. China’s Digital Players

4. Social Media

5. Search Engines

6. Video

7. Ecommerce

8. Case Studies

9. Future Prospects


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