The Convergence of Marketing and Sales report provides a framework to assist a manager’s journey in deciding whether or not to converge marketing and sales. Designed to be a companion and thought-provoker, the guide is written in two parts.

What’s in the report?

Part 1 sets the scene, framing marketing and sales in different ways – from the path to purchase in the mind of the customer, to the marketing and sales process in the mind of the vendor, and the changing role of marketing and sales in a digitally networked world.

Part 2 outlines our framework, split into the following key steps:

Strategy development

Diagnosis – the research and obstacle definition that needs to precede all strategy development. We consider four key topics:

  • Process design. Diagnosis focused on current processes used by marketing and sales and how they differ from the ideal.
  • Content management. Diagnosis focused on current content used by marketing and sales and how they differ from ideal.
  • Competitor analysis. Analysis of how to gain competitive advantage.
  • Measurement planning. What measurements do we need to put in place to indicate if our strategy is working and do we need to refine and optimise the actions we are taking?

Insights and action – what insights have come from the above diagnoses and how can we convert these insights into coherent actions to overcome obstacles and achieve our strategic goal? (We identify Key Actions at the end of each topic.)

Strategy deployment

Team organisation. How, when we roll out this convergence strategy for marketing and sales, do we take two teams with different cultures and different ways of working and turn them into a single team?

Written by experienced consultant Dr Mike Baxter, who has led consultant teams on many of Econsultancy’s digital transformation projects, the report aims to identify best practice approaches and techniques. The report also includes real-life examples illustrating how marketing and sales have a pivotal role in digital transformation.

How can we help?

Our Digital Transformation team regularly supports leading organisations to drive forward organisational change. Our Digital Maturity Audit is often the first step in this journey, providing you with a clear framework to:

  • Understand critical capability gaps.
  • Prioritise key projects and areas for development.
  • Validate business cases for investment.

If you want to find out more about the Digital Maturity Audit and how we can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing or calling us on +44 (0)20 3199 8475.


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